Donnie Davisson from the Davisson Brothers Band has described doing the infamous shoey at CMC Rocks QLD as “refreshing.”

“It tasted a bit like old leather and cold beer,” said Davisson in the first episode of our new podcast series, the Tone Countrycast.

“We jumped right on it. It was actually refreshing. I had new boots. I felt sorry for the band who had the same boots on.”

West Virginians Donnie and Chris Davisson recorded their Tone Countrycast episode while in Australia earlier this year to perform at the Groundwater Country Music Festival.

When performing at the CMC Rocks QLD in 2017, Donnie Davisson said it took the band a while to work out what the crowd was asking them to do, but were fully onboard once they worked it all out.

“I gotta do one of these, our they’re going to start throwing shoes at me,” he thought at the time.

“We didn’t realise it was such a legacy here and that’s what you do.”

Check out ‘Unbreak You’ by the Davisson Brothers Band

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Opinion has been divided re the merits of the shoey. Artists like the Davisson Brothers Band, Lee Kernaghan, Tyler Farr, Luke Bryan and Luke Combs have completely embraced it.

While others have gone to great lengths to avoid doing it.

After all, it’s not particularly good for your health.

However, Kasey Musgraves recently created a unique way to get around the hygiene issue.

The Tone Countrycast is a new Country Music podcast featuring revealing in-depth interviews with superstar artists, songwriters and the people who make the music happen.

In this first episode, the Davisson Brothers Band discuss their initial surprise when Lee Kernaghan talked about their song ‘Po’ Boyz’ at the CMC Music Awards. Chris explains how he skins a squirrel in under 30 seconds! They also talk about their experiences with Australian fans, being noticed by George Strait’s manager, working with the legendary Keith Stegall and creating a new Country Music festival in their home town.

Blanco Brown and Kelsea Ballerini will feature in upcoming episodes.

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