Jasmine Rae has just released ‘Fraudulent,’ ahead of her new album release in July.

It’s safe to say that it’s her most brutally honest song to date.

“This song is so painfully honest that I never expected to have the courage to show it to anyone,” said Rae to fans when announcing the new song’s release.

“Being honest about someone hurting you is hard. Being honest and hurting someone is harder.”

“Changing your mind all the time and losing all faith in your gut instincts is completely paralysing.”

“I understand not everyone analyses themselves as often and as brutally as me. But I do it.”

“I lie in bed that we made and pretend it’s ok,” she sings in the euphoric chorus.

“But I Am Fraudulent,” she continues.

She wrote ‘Fraudulent’ with long-time friend and fellow singer/songwriter Sinead Burgess… whom she describes as “one of the most intelligent, open hearted, open minded, talented humans I know.”

Check out ‘Fraudulent’ by Jasmine Rae

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“Through the process I cried, I got awkward, I freakin SANG my song,” she continued in her note to fans.

Like The McClymonts, Rae has decided to proceed with her planned new album release, Lion Side, on July 24.

“I think everyone has a LION SIDE and a bit of fight inside of them. This album is letting out that side and ALL the other sides of me. I hope it inspires you to do the same,” said Rae, when announcing the new album release in March.

Fans can get ‘Fraudulent’ instantly along with her current crossover hit single ‘Green Light’ plus ‘Carrying The Flame’ instantly with iTunes album pre-orders.

Check out ‘Green Light’ by Jasmine Rae

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