While the advent of the coronavirus has completely shut down live entertainment, it hasn’t stopped artists releasing new music this week.

And thank god for that.

More than ever… we need great music!

So here are five of the best new songs just released from country artists this week including Jasmine Rae, Kelsea Ballerini with Halsey, The Viper Creek Band and more!


Despite enduring the devastating cancellation of CMC Rocks Qld, multi-ward winning Australian singer/songwriter Jasmine Rae is pushing ahead with her planned new album release.

Yesterday, Rae announced that she’ll release her new album Lion Side on July 24.

“I think everyone has a Lion Side and a bit of fight inside of them. This album is letting out that side and ALL the other sides of me. I hope it inspires you to do the same,” said Rae on Facebook to fans when she announced the new album news.

The new ten track album will feature her current top 20 single ‘Green Light’ which is attracting both pop and country format support.

‘Carrying The Flame’ is a tribute to Jasmine Rae’s greatest mentor, and the friend who is now carrying on his legacy, while creating his own.

Check out ‘Carrying The Flame’ by Jasmine Rae

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Another artist not letting the coronavirus delay her plans is Kelsea Ballerini, who has released her third album Kelsea today.

The new album features a collaboration with Kenny Chesney, plus this song, ‘The Other Girl’ with Halsey.

“I was doing a ton of writing on the road. I was opening for Keith Urban, and I loved the idea of having a female collab, because you don’t see it a lot and I think it’s so powerful. And [Halsey] brought this new life to the song,” said Ballerini to The Boot.

“It was really cool, because [Ballerini] and I were both in really good places in our lives and drawing from old hurt. To sing a song, or perform a song live, that has evolved from what it could have meant to what it means now, is just the best thing ever,” added Halsey.

Check out ‘The Other Girl’ by Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey

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The Viper Creek Band have delivered radio with a new song from their latest album, Beautiful Destruction.

‘Wrecked Everything’ tells the story of a guy who has it all planned out. He’s enjoying life living free and being single.

He’s a vagabond and happy being in his own lane, running his own race until he meets the one person he can’t stand to think about losing.

VCB frontman Damien Baguley says, “I really love the contrast in this tune.”

“The instrumentation is kind of dark and manic but when you take a look at the lyrics it’s actually a love song.”

“It’s also fun to play live.. It brings a new  dynamic to our set and it has powerful catchy chorus that audiences love to sing along with.”

Check out ‘Wrecked Everything’ by Viper Creek Band

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“I was coming out of my own long period of depression and anxiety and felt it signified the end of a chapter, of an era in my life,” says Turner about his second single release, ‘On & On.’

“I was trying to move forward and heal and writing this song put things in perspective for me, it was a personalised slap in the face to wake up and smell the roses.”

Check out ‘On & On’ by Matt Turner

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Co-written with McAlister Kemp‘s Troy Kemp ‘Love Up On Me’, is a song about that one person you can’t stay mad at because of your underlying love and affection.

“Growing up is full of ups and downs, some big and some small. As we mature and find ourselves entering adulthood, we experience many firsts. The first time we drive a car, our first full pay slip and of course our first love,” says Ferris.

Check out ‘Love Up On Everything’ by Abbie Ferris

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