Keith Urban has given fans a sneak peak of his upcoming new music.

During an interview with Richard Wilkins on the Today show on Monday, Urban unveiled (in part) three new songs that he’s currently working on in his Nashville studio.

One of those songs is a duet with recent CMA Awards Album of the Year winner, Maren Morris.

“We’ve been working on new music this whole year,” Urban told Wilkins.

Urban previewed a new country/rockabilly flavoured track most likely titled  ‘Miss Tumbleweed,’ a catchy pop-country track with the hook “… I’m with you,” and the new tune with Morris titled, ‘1,2 Many.’

Importantly, the later song is not a Luke Combs cover.

When Wilkins quizzed Urban on recording his guitar solos, he used a surfing analogy to describe his process.

“I’ve never surfed, but I imagine it would be like being in a tube on a surfboard,” he said.

“And it’s a combination of instinct and floating…”

Watch Keith Urban perform ‘We Were’ at the 2019 CMT Awards:

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Urban also talked about what he thinks makes a great song.

“For me personally, it’s infinite. It can be a grea story, great melody, great hooks, great feel, great rhythm, great combination of any of those,” he said.

In terms of his focus when writing new material…

“I try to take a snap shot of who I am at that time in my life and to make it an honest, accurate, captured photo.”

Check out Keith Urban’s new Christmas tune ‘I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight’:

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Urban says his very mainstream country sound is a reflection of his Australian upbringing.

“I grew up the pubs in Australia. I was in cover bands playing top 40 stuff,” he said.

“So just as much as I played in the country music clubs in Queensland, I also played years and years in cover bands, so all that stuff really comes together.”

Urban will open the new Sydney Coliseum in western Sydney in December.

He also intends to spend Christmas with his family in Australia.

A new album and national tour announcement is expected in 2020.