Country fans are rejoicing tonight following the surprise announcement that Australia’s premiere country duo McAlister Kemp are set to reunite and perform at the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The duo, consisting of Drew McAlister and Troy Kemp are one of the most successful Australian country music acts of the last decade, with a swag of #1 singles and an #1 ARIA Country album to their name, along with Golden Guitar and CMC Music Award wins.

They even performed in the USA with Big & Rich in 2013!

From the immediate breakout success of their debut album All Kinds of Tough in 2010 through to their parting in 2015, the pair earned their stripes as one of the highest selling and most consistent touring acts in Australia.

Their biggest hits include the party favourite ‘Hell Yeah,’ the anthemic ‘Country Proud’ and stunning ballad ‘It Don’t By You Love.’

Check out ‘It Don’t Buy You Love’ by McAlister Kemp

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At the time of their parting, McAlister Kemp hinted that it may not be forever.

“We aren’t getting divorced… we’re just seeing other people,” joked Drew McAlister at the 2015 Country Music Awards of Australia.

Check out ‘Hard Work’ by McAlister Kemp

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Drew McAlister broke the exciting news to fans earlier tonight on his instagram page with the following message:

“So after five years I wrote a song and had a beer with a long time brother!!..who I spent a lot of time writing songs and doing a whole lotta gigs with over a lot of years. What ya think about a MK reunion gig in Tamworth January?”

An announcement re a 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival show is expected shortly.

There’s no word on their plans for new music as yet.

Hell Yeah indeed!