They say love doesn’t exist in the pit but goddamnit I knew those naysayers were wrong. We now have unrefutable proof that love can, in fact, flourish in a circle pit of death at a Machine Head show. Be still my beating heart.

We’ve seen fans get engaged at band meet-and-greets and we’ve all definitely seen someone brave enough to get onstage and pop the question in the past. However, this week, one bold Machine Head fan decided to propose to his girlfriend in the circle pit at one of the band’s show.

Yes, you read that right, in the circle pit. Man, that is metal AF.

Machine Head eventually posted footage of the unidentified couple and their special moment that occurred during group’s set on Thursday (Jan. 16) in Phoenix.

“Last night this man proposed in the circle pit, during the intro to ‘Death Church’ (who says romance is dead!?),” stated the group. “Was a pretty incredible moment in the middle of a song, and a first for us!! Congrats to the two of them! someone, please let us know their names so we can shout them out!” wrote the band on their Instagram post, which you can check out in full below.

“Another angle of last nights proposal in the middle of the circle pit, during the intro to ‘Death Church’.

Machine Head fans are a passionate bunch. As some might remember, back in 2018 the group played a show in which a couple were ejected for having sex in the front row at a gig.

Machine Head’s current North American tour is currently making its way through the southwestern U.S. with dates in Dallas, San Antonio and Houston this week.

Now if you want to hear the romantic song that this couple was engaged to, it is in fact ‘Death Church’ by Machine Head.

Listen to ‘Death Church’ by Machine Head below