Courtney Love has taken to Instagram to apologise for inflammatory claims she made about Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Dave Grohl.

In a since-deleted post shared on Sunday, June 13th, Courtney Love criticised Dave Grohl over a royalties disagreement, whilst accusing Trent Reznor of being complicit in the systemic abuse of young girls.

In the post, Courtney Love detailed a royalties dispute between her and surviving Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic.

“3 months before I left LA, I signed a document that effectively gives Dave (and Krist) my descendants money in perpetuity,” Love wrote. “I was so broken. So scarred, so exhausted by him, I just fucking signed it. But it’s a lie. So I’m unsigning it. Because it’s nonsense.

Courtney went on to accuse Grohl of deflecting the “chaos and fury over Kurt’s death” onto her, whilst he “enriched and continues to enrich himself, gorging on Kurt’s fortune and Kurt’s goodwill.”

“I’m over being made small. And being ‘forced’ to ‘just drop it’ when it affects every generation of my descendants,” she continued. “Nicest guy in Rock? No.

“I’ve had enough of this from these clowns leaning into my being scapegoated for breathing, for my husband’s death, for my ‘overt’ sexuality, because I’m an addict, etc, and a WOMAN, for over 27 years”

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Elsewhere in the post, Love directed her rage at Trent Reznor, alleging that she and her Hole bandmates, “systemic abuse of kids, girls as young as 12, by him and his crew.” You can read the since-deleted post below.

Love has since released a statement apologising for the remarks. “I need to apologize for my recent post,” she wrote in her Instagram stories on June 14th. “It was insensitive and it was wrong. No matter how I feel, there are real people behind my words and I need to learn to be more responsible with my words. I am truly sorry for those I’ve hurt and I will do better.”