With lockdown keeping us mainly indoors, and concerts still far out of sight, here’s exactly what you need to make your own music oasis in your home.

Lockdown got you down? 2020 was set to be a great year with so many concerts and festivals going on, and then quarantine shut away our hopes and dreams, and left many of us listening to Spotify on repeat. With no view in sight of when live music will fully return to it’s pre-COVID status, you might want to look into making your own music oasis within your house.

Sure, you could just get by with rocking YouTube videos via your laptop, and calling it good, but we all know that won’t quite cut it for the extreme music lovers who want a bit more bass, a good place to enjoy, and a stacked library.

With a comfy listening chair, plenty of organisation, a rocking sound-system, and a few fun gadgets, you’ll be all set for listening at home. And, if you hire a mate to toss beer on you, get in your personal space, and provide heaps of B.O., then you might just be able to close your eyes and imagine you’re at a concert.

Oh, and you’ll probably want some records to go alongside too, so why not pick up some of the most beautiful records around while you’re at it.

The perfect chair because your music listening comfort matters – Eames replica lounge:

Lounge Chair with Ottoman, Mid Century Genuine Leather Recliner Modern Armchair Chaise with Aluminum Base for for Bedroom Living Room Lounge Office

Not only will this bad boy supply you with just the right amount of comfort, it’ll turn your music room into a stylish, mid-century abode.

An incredible record player, not just a crappy one – Audio Technica:

Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-WH Bluetooth Wireless Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable 33/45 RPM Speeds with Phono Preamp Includes Dust Cover and Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge (White/Black)

A 5-CD changer just won’t due for the ultimate music lover – you’ll need to hook into some decent vinyl players, instead.

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A powerful sound system because you’ll need to listen to the music – Logitech:

LOGITECH Z607 5.1 Surround Sound with Bluetooth music

If you’re going to go all out, then you can’t beat surround sound.

Noise cancelling headphones for when speakers just won’t do – Bose:

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise Cancelling, Black

Don’t worry about having to miss out on music just because it’s night time – you can also pop on some brilliant headphones, and fade away into the blissful sounds.

Some recored storage because you need organisation – Crosley:

Crosley AC1004A-BK Record Storage Crate Holds up to 75 Albums, Black music

If you’re creating a music oasis, you’re going to need a heap and a heck of records to go along with it, and they’ll need to be stored properly!

Mood lighting to set the room right – Tomnew:

TOMNEW Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Aurora Mood Night Light Lamp 7 Colorful Light with Bulit-in Speaker Music Player for Baby Kids Adults Bedroom Living Room (Black)

It also serves as a cheeky bluetooth speaker, too.

A gorgeous flatscreen to view music videos – Svision:

Svision 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Ultra HD LED TV music

Sure, some times listening to music will do the trick, but other times you might want to watch the visuals that come alongside, too.