Despite making the world a brighter place with Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl says he still has dreams of bashing drums with Nirvana.

When you’re the drummer of one of the greatest rock bands in the world, that’s a big friggin’ deal no matter how much you try to downplay it.

So for all the great stuff Dave Grohl has done with Foo Fighters, Nirvana will forever remain a major part of his life and career despite the band ending so abruptly and tragically.

Perhaps that’s why Grohl still dreams of jamming with alongside Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear even today.

In an interview with Classic Rock (via NME), Grohl says that Nirvana remains in his dreams, recalling how he still thinks about when the band were still a thing.

“I still have dreams that we’re in Nirvana, that we’re still a band,” says Grohl. “I still dream there’s an empty arena waiting for us to play.

The Foo Fighters frontman also explains why he’ll never feel comfortable performing any of the band’s songs on his own without Smear and Novoselic, saying that it’s too much of a ‘reminder’ of Cobain.

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“I wouldn’t feel comfortable singing a song that Kurt sang,” says Grohl. “I feel perfectly at home playing those songs on the drums. And I love playing them with Krist and Pat and another vocalist.”

“But I don’t sit down at home and run through ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by myself. It’s just a reminder that the person who is responsible for those beautiful songs is no longer with us. It’s bittersweet.”

While Nirvana songs may be off the table for Grohl outside of special circumstances, fans can expect him and the rest of the Foo Fighters to play plenty of songs off their upcoming new album, Medicine At Midnight, in the coming months.

Stay tuned on that front as Tone Deaf will have some exclusive coverage for Foo Fighters’ new album ahead of its release on Friday, February 5th.

Check out Dave Grohl performing with Nirvana: