Ahead of Nirvana’s album ‘Nevermind’ on its way to celebrating its 30th anniversary later this year in September, Dave Grohl has been dropping some pretty big revelations on the record.

As reported by Consequence, during a recent interview, Grohl revealed the true inspiration for his drumming on the record, admitting that it’s something that “nobody makes the connection,” but not that it makes his source of inspo any less legit.

Chatting to Pharrell Williams in a snippet from his Paramount+ series From Cradle to Stage, Grohl reveals that he drew inspiration, or as he says “ripped off” old disco and R’n’B funk drumming.

While comparing their drumming skills and who’s more skilled, Grohl tells Williams, “Stop saying I’m a good drummer because I’m the most basic fucking drummer.”

He continued, “If you listen to ‘Nevermind’, the Nirvana record, I pulled so much stuff from the Gap Band and Cameo and Tony Thompson on every one of those songs.”

Yes, your mind blown? That’s basically Williams doing a ‘mind blown’ gesture with his hands, showing just how shook he is too.

“All that -” Grohl refers to his drumming beats on the record, “That’s all it is, nobody makes the connection.”

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Williams exclaims, “That’s straight up Gap Band!”

Grohl continues to tell his story and how that he’s actually had the opportunity to come clean about some of the musicians he’s ripped off in the past, playing a pivotal role in his success as an artist.

He said, “I told Tony Thompson that,” in relation to ripping him off.

“He came to my house for a barbecue with somebody and I was like, ‘Man, I just want to thank you because you know I owe so much, I’ve been ripping you off my whole life.’ He goes, ‘I know’.”

Williams replies: “Woah.” Grohl adds, “The big disco flam. It works every time.”

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Watch Dave Grohl chat to Pharrell Williams: