Dave Mustaine has unleashed at Judas Priest’s guitar tech, calling him a “fucking c*nt” and an “amateur piece of shit” for conducting a sound check while Megadeth were still playing.

The incident went down at Barcelona Rock Fest which was held over the weekend in Parc de Can Zam, which is about 20 minutes away from the city centre. The layout of the festival had two main stages situated right next to each other.

Because of the schedule, and the close layout of the stages, many of the bands were playing while a sound check was conducted next to them. Which is exactly what happened with Megadeth. They had just finished playing ‘Angry Again’ and were about to begin ‘Symphony of Destruction’ when the Judas Priest crew began their checks on the stage next door.

Despite the interruption not being Judas Priest’s guitar tech’s fault, the Megadeth guitarist let him have it.

The last night of the tour — we went all the way to the last fucking night, and then some pussy over on the stage next to us has to start playing while we’re playing. How fucking pathetic, amateur piece of shit you are.

“Can we proceed now? Fucking cunt.”

Watch the savage attack aimed at Judas Priest’s guitar tech by Dave Mustaine below:

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Of course, the outburst won’t come as too much of a surprise to those familiar with Mustaine, after all, the guitarist is famous for his bluntness.

Earlier this year, Mustaine told the crowd during a live Megadeth show that he urinated on the floor at the White House.

“When I went up to the White House, I was so proud to be able to go up there and say, ‘Fuck you. You think we’re stupid? We are not stupid,’” he told a presumably bemused crowd. “By the way, when I went into the White House, I went into the royal — whatever the fuck it’s called — White House bathroom, and I peed on the floor. I had to. I had to.”

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