In news no one quite expected today, David Hasselhoff has recorded a new metal song and a music video to go with it.

The Hoff has had quite the career that involved dabbling in a variety of different things, such as going shirtless a lot, motivational speaking, and a surprisingly lengthy music career.

Well he can now add “David Hasselhoff, metal musician” to his long list of achievements because he’s gone and recorded a new metal song with Austrian avant-metal duo CueStack.

The duo dropped a behind-the-scenes video of the project and revealed that the idea came about after wanting to incorporate one of their heroes, the Hoff, into a metal song. After meeting the man himself, this project resulted in the recording of ‘Through The Night’ in 2019.

As for what ‘Through The Night’ actually sounds like, well it sounds heavy but the video doesn’t really give us much to go off other than the Hoff singing “through the night” over and over again in his best metal voice.

We should’ve seen this coming after catching wind that the Hoff was recording heavy metal songs for a new album a while ago, yet to actually see it become a reality is just something else. But let’s keep an open mind shall we? This is the Hoff we’re talking about.

Now it may be a while before we get to actually hear this song as CueStack self-funded the project so far and are fundraising on Kickstarter to help get it across the finish line. If the required funds are raised, there will be a music video and an accompanying making-of documentary to come with the song.

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Those who back the project will also be funding a special box set that includes a digipack CD, an eight-page booklet with liner notes, an autograph card, baseball cap, a custom leather bracelet, and a “retro-synthwave”remix by Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo.

With Miley Cyrus recording a Metallica covers album and now the Hoff dipping his toes into the metal genre, metal fans must be having some strange feelings right now with all these celebs getting their rock on.

To be honest, we’re totally here for this. After the year we’ve all had, having David Hasselhoff singing a metal song may just be the tonic we all need.

Check out the teaser of David Hasselhoff recording his metal song:

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