Twisted Sister rocker Dee Snider has revealed that, despite being vaccinated, he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Snider revealed to Ultimate Classic Rock that he had tested positive for the virus “a few days ago”, saying: “This is about day five. It was really minor, like, nothing that Advil and Sudafed [couldn’t handle].”

Snider then clarified that he definitely experienced some symptoms of the disease, adding: “It was a little aches and pains, a little stuffiness.

“But like I said, a Sudafed and a couple of Advil and I was just doing everything, business as usual. You know, I said, ‘Maybe I’ll get tested just for the hell of it.’ I got a home test and I’m, like, ‘What the fuck?’ But they’re saying that they think a lot more people who are vaccinated have gotten it.

Snider continued: “And because it’s minor, they’re not going to the doctor or the hospital, so it’s not being reported. Because I’m hearing a lot of people saying that they caught it. It’s not knocking them on their ass or hospitalising them, but they’re definitely getting COVID, even with vaccinations.”

As for how he managed to contract COVID, Snider revealed that he believes his wife passed on the virus after taking one of their children to a Disney park.

“No one checks vaccination, no one checks tests,” he said. “No one’s enforcing masks. They came back and brought it back with them. There was zero enforcement.”

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The rock legend made it known that he wasn’t happy with Disney via a Twitter post, saying: “WARNING!! While online & publicly @Disneyland claims strict enforcement of Covid protocols, AT THE PARK THEY ARE DOING NOTHING TO ENFORCE OR PROTECT PEOPLE! My wife & daughter took our grandkids to the park last week & BROUGHT COVID INTO OUR HOME!! STAY AWAY FROM DISNEY!!”

Snider has previously made it known that he believes a vaccine passport system should be implemented for those who wish to attend music performances.

“I get that some people are wary of this, but I want a vaccine passport in the worst fucking way!” he said at the time.

“I wave my vaccination card around like a flag! I’ve got nothing to hide and if a vaccine passport will let me go places without all these covid protocols sign me the fuck up!”

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