Demi Lovato is under fire for working with a controversial website that has been accused of being a base for far right conspiracy theorists. 

The singer-turned-UFO investigator announced last week their partnership with the website Gaia. “Thrilled to be a @wearegaia ambassador,” they wrote on social media. “Understanding the world around us (the known and the unknown) is so exciting to me!”

Gaia shared their excitement at having a famous star like Lovato on board. “After several profound experiences practicing Dr. Greer’s meditation protocols intended to make contact with extraterrestrials, Lovato became enamored with the study of consciousness,” their statement read.

“Continuing down their rabbit hole, Lovato quickly fell in love with Gaia original series Ancient Civilizations and Deep Space. Gaia believes the fanbase Lovato continues to cultivate has a desire to dig deeper into the more important questions regarding the nature of reality.”

This would be all well and good if a report from The Daily Beast hadn’t uncovered Gaia as a source for “hoaxes about sinister aliens, vaccines, world-spanning cabals, and reptilian overlords.”

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That’s why fans have been quick to criticise Lovato for their involvement with the website. “I don’t care if they want to investigate UFOs or conspiracy theories on their own time,” one user wrote on Twitter. “What I do care is how they are promoting a site that amplifies dangerous conspiracy theories to the 118,000,000 followers on IG.”

“After @peacockTV legitimized Demi Lovato’s UFO beliefs with safe and goofy gloss, Lovato joined Gaia TV and began promoting dangerous conspiracy content, including ancient alien and lizard people material Gaia uses to lure readers to right-wing extremism,” said another.

Gaia probably liked the idea of partnering with Lovato after they went viral recently for their comments on UFOs: while promoting their documentary Unidentified, Lovato said that people shouldn’t extraterrestrials “aliens” as it was a “derogatory term.”

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