Homegrown favourites DMA’s and Britpop legend Noel Gallagher have something of a history. While the two have never actually met, they’ve managed to concoct a surprisingly acrimonious relationship. Though for Noel Gallagher, that’s nothing new.

When DMA’s first came out, critics and fans alike couldn’t help but notice the liberal amount of inspiration the Sydney buzz band took from the Britpop bands of yore. Songs like ‘Delete’ and ‘Laced’ were very reminiscent of bands like Oasis, Suede, and Supergrass.

The band certainly share many of the hallmarks of those classic bands, including their visual aesthetic, their simple pop songwriting, and their general swagger. The talk even prompted one journalist to ask Oasis chief Noel Gallagher if he’d heard of the band.

“DMA’s? So there’s a capital ‘D’ for Derek, ‘M’ for Michael and ‘A’ for Australia, then an apostrophe ‘s’, okay. No, I can’t say I’ve had the displeasure of listening to it yet,” Gallagher told a reporter from The Music during an interview.

It was then explained to Gallagher that the Sydney boys sound similar to Oasis, though the latter are obviously better. “I mean surely that would go without saying,” Gallagher replied.

“Well, when I wake up tomorrow, extremely hungover, I shall maybe get on my computer and see if I can find anything by these fuckin’ DMA’s.” He also said he planned on catching them at New York’s Governor’s Ball festival – “I’ll have to watch them from side of stage and boo them.”

However, according to DMA’s singer Tommy O’Dell, they never got to see the Britpop icon booing them from side-stage. “Nah, he never watched, I don’t think he even remembers or knows who we are to be honest,” O’Dell recently told WOW247.

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However, they did try to procure some of the songwriter’s booze. “Our drummer went in his green room at the Ball to rack some booze but he was in there doing an interview,” O’Dell recounted.

“I still don’t know why he tried to do that, though, there was free unlimited grog at the artist bar. I would love to meet Noel, though; he’s done everything in music and I reckon he’d be an interesting dude to talk to, especially for me who is just starting out.”

So apparently there’s no ill will towards the outspoken singer and songwriter and why would there be? Gallagher’s a legend and DMA’s are doing a pretty bang up job of cracking the UK market on their own terms.

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