Dr. Dre has reportedly been ordered to pay spousal support of almost $300,000 monthly.

According to court documents obtained by ComplexDr. Dre will pay $293,306 per month beginning next month in August.

As per the documents Dre will be doing so until his ex-wife begins another relationship whether that is marriage or not, a death of either party or another court order is served.

The document reads, “and continuing in a like manner until the party receiving support remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership, death of either party, or until further order of the Court.”

Dre’s expenses don’t stop there either.

The acclaimed producer will also need to fork out health insurance costs in addition to paying expenses related to a number of properties.

All in all, that sees Dre come to a grand total of over $3.5 million dollars in spousal support per year. There is also no word yet on whether this is a temporary arrange and if there will be a settlement between the now ex-pair.

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As per TMZ, Dre and his ex-wife Nicole Young announced their divorce at the beginning of last month, where Young demanded that their prenup arrangement (which was in place) to be void.

The were to battle over the prenup arrangement, which Dre was adamant that it would remain in place. He first requested divorce from Young back in March this year.

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