When it comes to the bedding of the rich and famous most of us would assume that celebrities rest their weary and wealthy bodies on some seriously luxurious foundations. Welp, turns out Drake has taken the general assumption one step further with the news that he slumbers on a 400k mattress made not only of stingray skin but of horsehair, too. 

The wild fact was revealed by Akademiks who claimed Champagne Papi dropped six figures on a mattress. The YouTube personality took to Instagram yesterday with a picture of a black bed captioned, “Drake is really out here sleepin’ on a $400,000 mattress made out of horsehair and stingray skin”

Drake sleeps on a bed that costs 400k

After a bit of internet sleuthin’, it turns out there’s truth behind Akademiks’ gossip. The bed in question is called Grand Vividus and was produced by the team of designer Ferris Rafauli, who designed Drake’s Toronto mansion, and bedding manufacturer Hastens.

Speaking to Insider in May 2020, Linus Adolfsson, founder of The Hastens Sleep Spa LA + New York said, “Grand Vividus changed the symbolism of what the word ‘mattress’ means.”

“If your favorite object in your life is not your mattress, you are not sleeping on the right mattress.

“[Each individual] bed takes over 600 hours to [create and is] fully handmade. We jumped through hurdles to make sure that Drake had the first one ever produced. He’s currently sleeping on it and he loves it. He’s been quoted [as saying it’s like he’s] ‘floating’ while he’s sleeping.”

As a huge fan of sleep, I’ve always related to Drake’s lyrics in ‘God’s Plan’, “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry”. A lyric I’ll never listen to in the same way after finding out this gem of a random fact.

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TDLR; Drake’s bed is probably worth more than your house, car, uni debt and life savings combined.

Ahh celebs, they’re just like us.

Listen to ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake: