Ever since last week, Drake – Billboard’s artist of the decade has been flaunting a new pair of sneakers on Instagram. While many were left wondering what the hype was all about, many more were waiting for the official announcement of the Drake x Nike collaboration.

Now the news has been announced that the kicks are a part of Drake’s Nocta clothing brand and they’re known as the Hot Step Air Terra. Coming in a snake skin colourway, so far the online response has largely drawn attention to the fact that they are somewhat reminiscent of Kanye West’s Yeezys.

Last month, a pair of Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezys Prototypes sold for a jaw-dropping $1.8 million in a private sale. The shoes were originally estimated to be valued worth $1 million, however the shoe resulted in nearly doubling that original valuation.

Not only that, the pair of Yeezys have now also surpassed the most expensive pair of shoes on ever, breaking the record previously held by a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s worn by Michael Jordan wore in 1985, commemorating the iconic moment when he shattered the backboard during a pre-season game in Italy. The pair sold for $615,000 at a Christie’s auction back in May last year.

The Yeezys were put up for auction by a sneaker collector by the name of Ryan Cheng and now have a new owner, having been acquired by an investing platform known as RARES, where users can buy and trade shares in rare sneakers. RARE’s CEO and co-founder Gerome Sapp issued a statement, likening the acquisition to purchasing “a piece of history”.

He continued, “Our goal in purchasing such an iconic shoe is to increase accessibility and empower the communities that birthed sneaker culture with the tools to gain financial freedom through RARES.”

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