In truly deranged news, somebody is selling a toenail that formerly belonged to Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost on eBay.

It’s a harrowing sight to behold. A description for the product promises: “Dylan Frosts (sticky fingers) toenail. Condition is ‘Acceptable’. Sent with Australia Post Standard Parcel. no lawballs. serious bidders only”

It’s a description that conjures up a similiar, visceral emotion of the flash fiction poem “For sale: baby shoesnever worn.” so often attributed to Ernest Hemingway.

It’s a sale that poses only questions, offering no answers.  A surrealist dreamscape in the form of an eBay listing. What makes the quality of a toenail “acceptable”? What lead to this listing materialising? Is Dylan Frost aware that his body parts are being harvested on an e-commerce monolith? Everything is painful.

The bidding for the toenail clipping begins at a steep $10. Whilst we’re not in the business of kink-shaming, offering any kind of money for something as vile as this is indicative of a soul in total moral decay. You can find the listing here.

Screenshot of Dylan Frost's toenail listing on eBay

In May last year, Sticky Fingers bassist Paddy Cornwall took to Instagram to share a lengthy statement apologising for previous comments he made about triple j.

The apology was released in light of the station playing a Sticky Fingers track during Requestival, after silently blacklisting the band from the station back in 2018.

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“Cheers to everyone who voted Sticky on Requestival week and in Hottest 100 of the decade,” Cornwall wrote  at the time. “It’s clear our relationship with the jays is something special for many, including us over the years.

“I’ve seen a lot of people frustrated by the idea of the band being blacklisted by the station, but we haven’t,” he continued. “Let’s be real. It was my actions last year that ultimately soured the relationship.”

“There’s no excuse,” he continued. “What I did wasn’t cool. It was lame, and for me embarrassing. I’m sorry to the people I hurt at the station, as well as my own team.

Sticky Fingers released their last album, Yours To Keep, in 2019. Whilst Dylan Frost released his debut solo album, Lush Linguistics, the same year.