Post-punk trio DZ Deathrays have officially dropped their first single for the year with a fiery new track named ‘Paranoid’.

Punctured by syncopated rhythms, buzzing feedback and a fiery chorus. DZ’s signature sound sings through the track, with heavy double and triple-octave riff instrumentals reverberating on the lyrics: “Oi, oi, ya paranoid, hanging at the back waiting to get destroyed.” 

The track features notable nods to classic Aussie rock; percussive built-up introductions, howling vocals and driving repetition, demonstrating DZ Deathrays’ lasting ability to deliver carnage-inducing riffage.

The Brisbane rockers also accompanied their latest single with a frenetic music video that showcases the booze-filled antics and general shenanigans that go down at a DZ Deathrays show.

Speaking to the meaning behind ‘Paranoid’, lead vocalist and guitarist Shane Parsons said in a press statement, “I think at the time I was thinking about the way I kept questioning myself in different aspects in life.”

He added, “Loosely it’s about that, wanting to go in a certain direction with something but having this lingering thing stopping you or setting up roadblocks here and there.”

“The track was a real collaborative effort with Simon and Nathan Sheehy, who produced the record with us, putting the drums together.

“Nathan had a particular direction that the drum performance needed to go to and once we got it all together it was a really fresh approach to that part of the song for us. There are also demo parts in there too, including Lachlan’s partner Eileen yelling “Oi, oi, ya paranoid” into a phone after chorus one and the out-of-phase claps that bring in the song.”

‘Paranoid’ comes following the release of their critically-acclaimed twin concept albums, Positive Rising: Part 1 and Part 2, released in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

‘Paranoid’ is out now, and you can buy or stream it here.

Check out ‘Paranoid’ by DZ Deathrays below:

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