Charlie Puth has reflected on the time that musical icon Sir Elton John panned his music, calling the moment “a wake-up call”.

In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, Charlie reflected on the life-changing moment, revealing that the ‘Tiny Dancer’ legend told him his previous music “sucked”.

“I felt like my music in 2019… the most important thing you can do, all the songwriters watching this right now, is when you write a song, it’s important to tell the truth, and I wasn’t really doing that in 2019,” he said, seemingly referring to his album Voicenotes.

“The person who really kind of awoken my senses was none other than Elton John,” Charlie added.

Charlie went on to reflect on his conversation with Elton John at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

“He came up to me and said… ‘You know, your music sucked in 2019. It wasn’t good,'” Charlie revealed.

“And it was like a gut punch, but I had been thinking that as well. It was kind of a wake-up call, a little bit. I was in denial a little bit. And then, the whole world shut down and I was able to sit with my new way of making music.”

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Charlie added that following the confronting moment, he hoped that his self-titled album would reflect his new perspective and musical sensibilities.

“I decided that I would never put out a song again if it weren’t the truth,” he added.

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Check out Charlie Puth on The Ellen DeGeneres Show below:

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