“Hi! / My name is / What? / My name is / Who? / My name is / Chika-chika / EminApe.” Non-fungible tokens took off in a big way in 2021 and it seems like Eminem closed out the year with a huge NFT purchase.

As reported by Hypebeast, the rapper bought a Bored Ape NFT, titled EminApe, for a whopping $425,000. The reason he dropped almost half a million on it? The NFT supposedly resembles Eminem with its Army hat and gold chain.

It was a moment of manifestation for seller GeeGazza, who actually tweeted back in November, “I still think @Eminem is destined to buy my @BoredApeYC one day.” After it came to fruition one month later on December 30th, he returned to express his appreciation. “I’m living in a simulation,” he said. “Thank you @Eminem for buying my ape and joining the club! Madness. Let me write a lyric in your next single.”

Digital agency Six confirmed Eminem’s involvement in the NFT sale. They’ve previously helped the likes of Wu-Tang Clan enter the NFT market. “Guess the cats out of the bag…@BoredApeYC, please welcome @Eminem to the metaverse!” Georgio Constantinou, artist manager for Six wrote on Twitter. “Me, @JesseGrushack, and the rest of the @sixweb3 team were honored to help him secure the EminApe.”

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Eminem has really taken to NFTs in a big way. Last April, he held Shady Con, a massive action of NFT action figures that captured famous moments in his career. He also reportedly owns 15 NFTs on OpenSea under the title Shady Holdings.

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