Espolòn Tequila has partnered with The Trocadero Room to host its House of Ramon event. The spirit brand is transforming the newly opened Sydney venue to reflect the spirit’s strong cultural ties to its vibrant Mexican culture, paying homage to the brand’s iconic motif, Ramón the Rooster, whose culturally impactful spur inspired the brand’s name. The cultural event will feature art installations, live vinyl DJs, musical acts, and more.

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For Espolòn Tequila, this event gained inspiration from Ramón the Rooster, the signature motif selected by the founder Cirilo Oropeza, which gave the tequila brand its name. House of Ramón brings to life Espolòn’s deeply rooted spirit of passion, music, camaraderie, and rebellion synonymous with the cultural spirit in Mexico. Featuring an array of DJs, live music artists, art installations, and a variety of Espolòn-inspired food and drink options, the event echoes its unwavering commitment to champion the individuals that spur forward and are committed to pouring into their passion.

Credit: @patstevenson
In 1996, Cirilo Oropeza founded Espolòn Tequila in the rural area of Los Altos, Mexico. As a visionary, Oropeza saw the potential in crafting a tequila that emphasizes the signature agave flavors that made tequila enjoyed globally. Oropeza spent decades as a distiller perfecting the right tequila production process that brought out the correct essence from the ingredients that would soon be Espolòn. He garnered the spirit’s name from Ramón the Rooster, who is the Mexican national symbol for pride and to spur forward in life. Espolòn was crafted to embody the land and the colourful culture of Mexico, keeping the best-standing traditions prominent while injecting unique and ever-changing ideas that allowed for the brand to change the landscape of tequila.
Credit: @patstevenson

The Trocadero Room is a new addition to the ever-growing nightlife in Sydney. The venue was brought to life by the design firm behind venues like Earls Juke Joint in Newtown and Jacoby’s Tiki Bar in Enmore, both cultural figures in the area. Both Espolòn Tequila and The Trocadero Room are committed to aligning closely with individuals who display unique individuality, making the Trocadero Room the perfect place to host Espolòn’s House of Ramón Event and activation.

Espolòn Tequila’s House of Ramon is running at The Trocadero Room every Friday until December 15th. For more details follow @espolontequilaau.

The Trocadero Room
156 Enmore Rd

DISCLAIMER: We discourage irresponsible and/or underage drinking. Drink responsibly and legally.

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