On September 10th and 11th, rock band Everything Everything will be releasing their new album, Re-Animator with a virtual live concert.

The band will be perform songs from Re-Animator along with tracks from their previous four studio albums. The concert will be held in a virtual event space created by Sansar the world’s leading social virtual reality platform.

“The show will be complemented by a range of visual elements, drawing on the video content and aesthetic of the ‘re-animator’ campaign alongside elements inspired by their first four albums,” according to official Everything Everything concert page.

The new album is the 5th record from the UK band, the most recent being A Fever Dream from 2017. This new Everything Everything album was inspired and influenced by psychologist Julian Jaynes’ theory of the bicameral mind.

The concert can be viewed with or without a virtual reality headset, on PC or your phone, and gives fans the ability to meet the band, connect with other fans and access virtual merch. They are holding the event twice to make it more accessible for people in different parts of the world to get the full experience.

Tickets are available here now. The show will be available for Australians at 6pm (AEST) on September 11th.

Re-Animator Track List

1. ‘Lost Powers’
2. ‘Big Climb
3. ‘It Was a Monstering
4. Planets
5. ‘Moonlight
6. ‘Arch Enemy
7. ‘Lord of the Trapdoor
8. ‘Black Hyena
9. ‘In Birdsong
10. ‘The Actor
11. ‘Violent Sun

Check out Everything Everything’s short promo for the VR concert on their Instagram:

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VIRTUAL RE-ANIMATOR. Join us next week for an interactive concert in virtual reality, which can be viewed on a PC, mobile, and on Twitch. You can watch with or without a VR headset. Visit the link in our bio for more information and tickets. ⁠ ⁠ September 10th ⁠ UK : 8pm / Europe : 9pm / New York : 3pm / Los Angeles : 12pm

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