K-pop group EXO surprised their fans with a special message on their ninth anniversary, teasing a long-awaited comeback. 

Please excuse any errors in this piece, but I am: emotional. As you may or may not know, K-pop group EXO (often referred to as one of K-pop’s seminal acts) are celebrating their 9th anniversary today. On the occasion, the group surprised their fans with a special video message… straight from the set of their upcoming music video!

Yep, it seems that after the return of D.O. and Xiumin from the military a few months ago, the group wasted no time and dove right back into making music. The surprise video was also titled ‘L-1485 Spoiler’, which kind of seals the deal: EXO are working on new music, and we need only wait patiently.

From what we could tell (after stopping the video on every frame because D.O. and Xiumin were gone too long), the group is leaning towards a hard-hitting industrial concept this time.

“The inspiration for the location is an aircraft carrier.” explains D.O. as we catch a glimpse of the word E-408 in the background. That, of course, is a reference to the group’s debut date: April 8th.

“Aircraft carrier in outer space.” continued Chanyeol.

I’m sorry, but if I don’t get another glimpse of Kai hanging off of the gate with a half-up man-bun, I’m rioting.

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The group also explained where the video would fit into their ‘cinematic universe’ (EXO’s concept pegs the members as aliens from outer space, with exceptional powers). It seems that the new music video would be a continuation of their hit single ‘Power’, where the group was battling a comical mecha-alien in a video game setting.

“The story is that after ‘Power’, we went our separate ways,” says D.O. “but now we’re back together.”

But that wasn’t all. While EXO have always been spoiler kings — playing parts of songs before release during Instagram lives — they went a step further and showed a bit of the choreography and part of the song. Of course, watching Kai deflect the responsibility to D.O. was only made better by seeing the latter glare holes into everyone, again. Oh, what a wonderful time this is going to be!

This will be EXO’s first comeback in two years after 2019’s explosive ‘Obsession’, and we cannot wait!

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Catch the full special anniversary message by EXO: