We now have another update on the incident involving Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe, who was last week arrested in Prague over an incident from a Lamb of God performance in the same city two years prior, in which an enthusiastic fan climbed onstage and allegedly got into a physical confrontation with Blythe.

19-year-old Daniel N. sustained a head wound at the concert and fell into a coma, dying two weeks after the concert, and the metal singer is being blamed for the fatal injuries after the fan was supposedly pushed off stage.

On Monday we reported that Blythe had appeared before a Czech court over the weekend. According to original reports he was released on a bail of 4 million Czech Koruna bail (approximately $US 200,000 – which apparently is the equivalent of the metal singer’s annual income)’. Though it was believed he would be released from prison once his bail had cleared, Classic Rock now reports that Blythe could remain in prison for 10 more days.

A Czech court also considered Blythe a flight risk, meaning that regardless of whether the bail money is cleared or not, he may be restricted from leaving the Czech Republic. Additionally, NME has sourced from local paper Blesk that presiding judge, Petr Fassati has told Blythe that he ‘is likely to be released after the 10-day period, but will have to remain in the Czech Republic until he answers the charges.

Blythe’s case, Classic Rock has pointed out, could change drastically thanks to some grainy fan-footage supposedly shot at the gig at which the incident involving Blythe occurred.

Provided courtesy of The Gauntlet, the previously unseen video allegedly taken during the May 24 2010 performance at Prague’s Abaton club, shows Daniel N. climbing onstage at one point, only to be pulled off stage by another fan in the audience. Daniel N. reportedly climbed on stage several times throughout the show, and the footage also shows him stagediving into the audience. All without any involvement whatsoever from Blythe.

The metal frontman’s arrest has caused an obvious stir amongst the music community and the band’s fans, who have started a ‘Free Randy Blythe’ campaign; producing t-shirts, banners and social media pages to help promote the singer’s innocence. The latest from the band’s twitter account even shows legendary guitarist Slash getting behind the campaign.

You can watch the newly-surfaced fan footage below:

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