Metallica have once again proven just how big they are, sharing some absolutely massive streaming numbers from Spotify in 2019.

For most of December, many music fans and artists found themselves sharing the results of a massive year of streaming thanks to Spotify’s Wrapped feature.

An amazing way to look at the past 12 months, many artists used this as an opportunity to learn how many streams and cumulative hours of listening they racked up, along with the number of listeners and countries their music reached.

While we learnt that local artists like Tones And I, Dean Lewis, and Angus & Julia Stone pulled in some massive numbers, the vast majority of big names chose to leave a little bit of mystery to the whole process, letting fans assume just how big their 2019 was.

However, thrash metal icons Metallica aren’t ones to stay quiet, closing out the decade with a look back at their Spotify achievements of 2019.

Check out Metallica’s Twitter post:

Taking to Twitter on New Year’s Eve, Metallica revealed to their legions of dedicated supporters that they had managed to wrap up a massive year with a total of one billion streams.

“ONE. BILLION. STREAMS. 1,026 decades of Metallica music was streamed in 2019! Unreal!” the group wrote. “Thanks to the most dedicated fans in the world… you all are incredible!”

Looking at more of their stats, though, the group’s music reached a remarkable 45.9 million listeners in 79 countries, leading to a total of 89.9 million hours, or 10,262 years of their music being streamed in just one year.

For those playing at home, these figures translate to a payday of $4,370,000 USD ($6,230,069 AUD) for the group, meaning they certainly won’t be left looking behind the couch cushions for loose change any time soon.

Impressively though, these figures only relate to Spotify alone, and come just weeks after the band were named by Forbes as being the 10th highest-earning band of the year.

Similarly, the group’s efforts were also recognised back in July, with Metallica listed as having one of the highest-grossing tours of 2019 up to that point.

While we’re still waiting to see how the year-end figures feature the band, Australian fans were left feeling devastated last year when it was revealed their long-awaited Australian tour had been postponed following frontman James Hetfield’s need to enter and addiction treatment program.

At this stage, there’s no word as to when the group will return to our shores, though proposed tourmates Slipknot are hoping to share dates for their own Aussie headline tour in the near future.

Check out ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica:

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