Back in January, the world of thrash metal was rocked by the news that veterans of the genre, Slayer, are set to pack it up after they tour the world one more time. Now, it seems that this news has affected even the youngest of the group’s fans.

After having been on the scene for close to 40 years, Slayer announced earlier this year that they were going to call it quits after a final farewell tour. “After making some of the most brutal, breathtakingly aggressive, all-hell’s-a-breaking-loose music ever created, […] the age of Slayer, one of the greatest thrash/ metal/punk bands of this or any age, is coming to an end,” the group wrote on Facebook.

While US dates have been announced, Aussie fans are wondering when and if the group will make their final return to Australia for their first shows since Soundwave in 2013. However, it seems that even some dedicated American fans won’t be able to make it to the shows.

As NME reports, a Facebook user by the name of ‘Hugh Jaynus’ (which we assume isn’t his real name), shared a video in which he breaks the news to his young daughter that she can’t see Slayer perform live on their final tour.

“I just wanna go see Slayer,” the child responds after being prompted by her father. “You wanna go see Slayer? You can’t go see Slayer, baby. You’re too little.” Soon enough, the young child starts crying, acting basically the same way we would react if we were told we couldn’t go see the band perform as well.

“Baby, they don’t let little kids in there,” he tries to explain to her. “Slayer’s not for little kids. How about we go take you to see Cinderella or Mickey Mouse?”

“Man, this isn’t good,” the father concludes. “We got a diehard Slayer fan at four years old.”

The video’s description reveals that the father lets his daughter listen to the band while he’s working, which certainly explains why she’s so heartbroken at the premise of not being able to see the group.

Here’s hoping that fortunes change and that she’s given the chance to witness the thrash-metal legends live, and let’s hope that Slayer announce some Aussie dates soon, lest we end up acting like the kid in the video.

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