After a five-year hiatus, FIDLAR have stormed back onto the music scene with a double single release, setting the stage for their much-anticipated fourth studio album, Surviving the Dream.

The Los Angeles-based surf-punk trio dropped “Fix Me” and “Get Off My Wave” this week, two tracks that encapsulate the raw energy and emotional depth the band have become well-known for globally.

“Fix Me” is accompanied by a compelling music video featuring actress Sosie Bacon (watch below), and the song delves into the complexities of personal struggle, set against the backdrop of a solitary karaoke room performance.

Zac Carper, FIDLAR’s frontman, said that Bacon was a natural fit, stemming from a memorable karaoke session that showcased her intense connection to the song’s themes. “We did karaoke with her on her birthday, and she killed it. When we came up with the idea, she was the only choice. She’s perfect,” he said.

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On the flip side, “Get Off My Wave” offers a brash, unapologetic look at self-awareness and the destructive tendencies that can accompany it. This track aligns with the band’s signature sound: fast-paced, gritty, and unreserved, yet it’s layered with a mature perspective on personal growth and self-reflection.

“We picked these two songs to lead off the record because it represents the energy we pull off live,” Carper shared in a statement. “It’s all about the sad moshpit.”

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Surviving the Dream, which arrives in September, is not just a collection of songs but a narrative arc of FIDLAR’s journey through the music industry, personal lives, and the inevitable evolution that comes with age.

The album, self-recorded and produced at Balboa Recording Studio in East Los Angeles, sees FIDLAR returning to their DIY roots. It’s a project influenced significantly by Carper’s recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, which has provided him with new insights into his past behaviours and emotional challenges.

The gap between their 2019 album Almost Free and their upcoming release was extended due to the global pandemic. However, FIDLAR used this time to reconnect with their core passions, leading to a series of EPs and singles that culminated in Surviving the Dream.

FIDLAR’s “Fix Me” and “Get Off My Wave” are out now. Surviving the Dream is out September 20th. 

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