American rapper Flavor Flav has accused the Bernie Sanders campaign with using the “likeness, image, and trademarked clock in promotional materials” without his permission.

Earlier this week, System Of A Down’s drummer cited Bernie Sanders as a hypocrite. Now, Flavor Flav has a bit to say about the democratic presidential candidate.

It was announced earlier this week that Public Enemy will be performing at a Bernie Sanders rally in California ahead of Super Tuesday. Despite the plans already being set, member Flavor Flav is not keen.

Obtained by Spin, a cease and desist letter was issued to Bernie Sanders by Flavor Flav. Stating that Sanders campaign created a “false narrative” that Public Enemy supported him, Flav went on to say that it’s not even the entire group coming to the rally, only member Chuck D will perform.

“Sanders has promised to ‘Fight the Power’ with hip hop icons Public Enemy – but this Rap Icon will not be performing at the Sanders Rally,” the letter stated.

““To be clear Flav and, by extension, the Hall of Fame hip hop act Public Enemy with which his likeness and name have become synonymous has not endorsed any political candidate in this election cycle and any suggestion to the contrary is plainly untrue.”

“The continued publicizing of this grossly misleading narrative is, at a minimum, careless and irresponsible if not intentionally misleading.”

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“Flav is reaching out, not in the spirit of division, but for the sake of unity in the hope of preserving the integrity of the Public Enemy Movement and the faith and trust his millions of fans around the world have placed in him.”

“It is unfortunate that a political campaign would be so careless with the artistic integrity of such iconoclastic figures in American culture. Sanders claims to represent everyman not the man yet his grossly irresponsible handling of Chuck’s endorsement threatens to divide Public Enemy and, in so doing, forever silence one of our nation’s loudest and most enduring voices for social change.”

So far, there has been no comment from Sanders. You can read the full cease and desist letter here.

Check out ‘Fight The Power’ by Public Enemy: