In the wake of their 25th anniversary as an iconic rock outfit, Foo Fighters will be embarking on a tour that covers their original 1995 stops. Plus, they’re also releasing a new documentary.

As earlier reports teased that something big was coming for the Foo Fighters’ 25th anniversary, the band has now confirmed what has been up their sleeves. After thanking fans a month ago on Instagram for all their support in the past 25 years, they hinted that their silver anniversary was going to be something special.

“Holy Shit!!! 25 years?! Thank You guys for being with us year after year…for singing along & making every show the best night of our lives. We’re JUST getting started, so buckle up, 2020… it’s going to be an INSANE year full of some seriously crazy shit…”

Taking to Instagram once again, the Foo Fighters revealed just what they have been working on – a tour that commemorates their original stops in 1995. Stopping by ten different cities in the US, the tour is reminiscent of when they first became a band.

“ARE YOU READY??? Join the Foos in commemorating their 25th anniversary by revisiting stops along their 1995 tour! IN THE ROUND!”

Check out Foo Fighter’s Instagram post:

Although they now will be playing much larger venues than they first played 25 years ago, they have teased via Metal Injection that they may sneak in one of those humble venues that they first started out in.

Even though they’ll be playing “in arenas this time, [because] many of those clubs on that 1995 trek having since ceased to exist, squeezing a 2020 FF show into the few that are still around would just be too insane…… or would it? Stay tuned for the answer to that question. Or answers…”

Then, on top of this tour, Foo Fighters are also set to release their newest documentary What Drives Us. The documentary plans to take the viewer back to the basics of what the band do, and why they do it.

In the words of the Foo Fighters themselves, the documentary looks at “what possesses a particular tribe of human beings to leave behind jobs, families, relationships and any semblance of sanity to climb into a busted ass Econoline and take their music to the people.”

Sadly, you’ll have to be in the US to catch this phenomenal throw back tour, but you can catch their documentary online soon.

Check out ‘Everlong’ by Foo Fighters:

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