If you were desperate to cling on to some kind of good news, let it be this. Foo Fighters are seemingly teasing their 10th studio album.

Fooeys fans are reliably on the qui vive when it comes to picking up the bands mysterious hints. A number of hawk-eyed worshippers at the chapel of Dave Grohl have spotted a little clue that seems to hint that there is a new album on the horizon.

The Foo Fighters ‘FF’ logo has been popping up in various location, accompanied by an ‘X’ — the Roman numeral for 10.

Taking to Instagram, one fan shared a photo of the sign on Hollywood Boulevard. “New 10th FF ALBUM spoiler at Las Palmas x Hollywood Blv,” they wrote.

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New 10th FF ALBUM spoiler at Las Palmas x Hollywood Blv @foofighters @foofightersbr #foofighters

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Whilst a Reddit user shared a video of the logo projected onto a building in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles on October 31st. The video featured the logo and numeral before fading out into black-and-white footage of a burning coffin.

Second “FF X” sighting in my neck of the woods…Sherman Oaks, CA from r/Foofighters

There’s been no supporting clues as to when we can expect to hear the first taste of new Fooeys tunes, but one Reddit user has  a theory that we think has merit.

“We’re likely looking at something the week of the 9th, more specifically Friday the 13th, to tie in with the spooky vibes from the house they recorded this album at + the basically-confirmed rumors of a horror movie they shot,” they wrote.

The last Foo Fighters album was 2017’s Concrete + Gold. In the interim, the band have been digging through the archives. Two weeks ago the band released a live EP Live On The Radio 1996, they’ve also released 01999925Roswell, and 02050525.

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