Since releasing “About You” in February and becoming an overnight sensation, G Flip has been all around the world playing shows and recording new music.  Ahead of her return to Australia, Tone Deaf talked to the Melbourne artist about her whirlwind year, recording in LA, and returning to BIGSOUND as a performer.

Watch: G Flip – “About You”

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Your life’s been a bit of a whirlwind for the past few months hasn’t it?

How fucking insane. I’m literally climbing a hill whilst still packing my bags.

So you’re in LA right now. What are you up to there?

I’m just here doing some writing sessions. I’m pretty new to this but you just go in and you just try make up with some songs on the day, never met the person and go in, and then the producer might drop something and I’ll be like “I fucking hate that. I’m a drummer, I’ll help you.” I’m not really used to that because I kind of have always done it alone in my room.

Do you enjoy it, or are you happier in your room making music alone?

I love the studios. There’s just so much equipment I’m losing my mind. Every day I walk in and I ask so many questions, everyone must hate me.

Are you still doing a lot of it by yourself?

The two song that I’m working on this week in LA, I produced them both at home, but there’s elements that I need to improve. I have fake midi organ in one song, but I want  a real fucking church organ. I need a producer who has access to a studio and instruments so they can make my songs come to life. Also, starting writing with someone from fresh, I love it so fucking much.

I was literally making sure everyone knew who I was because I knew that in the new year I was going to release one of my songs, and I just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t forget me.

You’re heading back to Australia for BIGSOUND, tell me about your experience last year.

It’s so funny. I went to BIGSOUND last year on a mission to get booked to play this year. So that was September in 2017, I had already written and produced About You. I held on About You for a whole year before I put it out. I had to just work out how I was going to be ready.

I networked like crazy last year. I bought the pass that gets you in everywhere. And I was going up to the people at Apple, the people at Spotify, the people that run Splendour.

I was literally making sure everyone knew who I was because I knew that in the new year I was going to release one of my songs, and I just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t forget me. As soon as I released About You, they all remembered me, which is lucky.

I also wanted to go to see a heap of live acts and figure out how the fuck I was going to do my live show. I’ve always played drums in bands but I’ve never used synths, electronic drums, and in ear monitors. I went to network and throw my demos at people.

Clearly that all paid off, even internationally. Within 24 hours of you releasing the track on Triple J Unearthed it was named best new music on Pitchfork.

I know, but I can’t even tell you how much time and energy I put into this. I’ve always got to make sure I’m five steps ahead so if something picks up I’m ready. When I released About You suddenly I got all these shows offers at South by Southwest. A few weeks before I dropped it, I started putting a band together just incase a random massive show came up and then it did. I didn’t expect it to blow up that much so I’ve just got to be ready for anything.

How does it feel going from being at BIGSOUND to network and learn, to now playing it?

Insane! I’m bringing my dad because it’s like full circle. I took my dad last year and we remember watching Alex The Astronaut on the Triple J stage. I turned to dad and said ‘I’m going to fucking play on this stage next year’. We texted each other the other day like ‘holy shit that actually fucking came true!’ I know he’ll cry when he sees me on the stage.

What’s coming up after BIGSOUND for you?

I’m definitely getting a track out soon, and then, I’ve just gotta finish off all these songs that I’ve been playing live and made in my bedroom. But also I want to keep playing more shows. I’ve got the tour coming up, which is pretty much all sold out. I’m also going to go do some inspirational talks at schools which will be fun.

Check out where you can catch G Flip during BIGSOUND, and watch her homemade video for “Killing My Time” below.

G Flip BIGSOUND shows

Levi’s Showcase – The Valley Drive In
5th September

Famous Nightclub
6th September

Watch: G Flip – “Killing My Time”

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