It’s been six years since Gabriella Cilmi has released any form of new music, with her overlooked album The Sting coming out in 2013, but now, thank our lucky stars, she has returned with fresh track ‘Ruins’.

You probably remember Gabriella Cilmi as the artist behind smash-hit ‘Sweet About Me’, which was released way back in 2008, and boy does that make us feel old.

If it wasn’t for follow-up hit, ‘On A Mission’, Cilmi would have been considered an Australian one-hit wonder, who appeared from seemingly out of nowhere, dropped an absolute banger, then faded back into the heavens from whence she came.

For the most part, Cilmi has been considered a two-hit wonder, with the odd party-goer, drink in hand, bringing up the conversation starter, “remember Gabriella Cilmi?”

And let’s be real, the superstar pop-pioneer has always been on our minds, and we’ve all been secretly for her glorious return to form. Unfortunately, her 2013 album The Sting, which was actually pretty great, was generally overlooked by the masses, who didn’t pay it the attention it was deserved.

The good news is, she’s back everyone, and her new single ‘Ruins’ is incredible.

Shed tears of joy for Cilmi’s return with the amazing ‘Ruins’ below:


Okay, so you’ve now heard ‘Ruins’, and maybe shed a tear or two, firstly because the song sounds incredible and tugs on all our heartstrings, and secondly because Gabriella Cilmi is back. And I can’t stress it enough. She’s back!

“Won’t you stop what you’re doing and build me a shrine / Or will you leave me in ruins like you did last time?” are lyrics that absolutely destroy us, and we just hope our favourite Aussie artist hasn’t gone through too much heartbreak in the time we’ve been without her.

‘Ruins’ is taken off her forthcoming EP coming soon on Kin Records Ltd., and we cannot wait to hear it in full to celebrate the glorious return of Gabriella Cilmi. Now go forth and stream ‘Ruins’, buy ‘Ruins’, and spread the good word upon the mountainside.

Celebrate the absolute bop that is ‘Sweet About Me’ below: