Gene Simmons is educating us all on the importance of wearing a face mask throughout lockdown as the world continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the legendary rocker shared a photo to Twitter of a fan wearing a KISS bandana as a makeshift face mask, one fan’s response prompted the 70-year-old to use it as an opportunity to drop some knowledge bombs about how face coverings slow the spread of COVID-19.

After one fan wrote, “Except those cloth masks don’t keep you safe only a medical mask does and a good one at that”, Simmons patiently responded to the “misinformed” Twitter user, explaining the reasoning behind wearing face masks and coverings amid the outbreak.

“You are incorrect and misinformed,” Simmons began. “The idea of cloth masks or any other kind of mask, is not to protect you. It’s to protect everybody else around you in case you cough or talk. It’s not about you, David. It’s about protecting everybody else. From you.”

The conversation quickly turned into a back-and-forth between Simmons and his followers, with another fan firing back to the muso:

“With all due respect, Gene. Face covers don’t prevent the spread of viruses. It’s more of a psychological thing. It’s social pressuring. You are disrespectful if you don’t cover your face. It’s nonsense.”

Gene replied “I wish you good health, despite your point of view. Please wear a mask, to prevent your cough, sneeze or other, from infecting people. Be safe, not sorry.”

Another fan, named Chad, then questioned Simmons as to why we weren’t allowed back at work if face coverings are supposed to be effective in slowing the spread of the virus.

“Because, Chad, the virus spreads with your hands as well,” Simmons explained. “Which is why they tell you not to touch your face. But I take your point, take it up with your government. But wear a mask and wash your hands, anyway.

After taking the time to answer more questions for his less informed followers, Simmons became clearly frustrated with the ongoing rebuttals, eventually posting various reading materials to back up his assertion.

“Some of you believe masks do nothing,” Gene said. “False! Even covering your mouth when you sneeze with your HAND (much less a cloth mask) helps cut down germs,” he tweeted. “DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t talk out of your ass … Respectfully.”

He later posted a warning to fans about coronavirus as he detailed spoke of his own experience of surviving polio when he was just three years old.

“When I was 3 yrs old, I came down with POLIO in 1952. It was a worldwide pandemic. I survived…The present day lunacy of pandemic deniers, will result in death, for many of them…Wear masks. Wash your hands. Whenever you can. Wherever you can.”

Check out ‘I Love It Loud’ by KISS:

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