Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has stated in an interview that the billions of dollars lost in the midst of COVID-19 is no big deal compared to the big picture of things, saying “so what?”

With the music industry halted due to the disbanded live shows in the midst of COVID-19, as well as several other industries stopped and stunted, hard rock bassist of Kiss, Gene Simmons, has taken to stating that everyone is missing the the point of what’s going on, and wants to hear a bit less complaining from those living in lockdown.

In a recent interview with Good Day L.A.‘s Tony McEwing, the long-tongued bassist chatted about the current crisis as well as his  ‘Stay At Home’ tour shirts that are in benefit of those in the music industry who’ve lost their jobs in the midst of COVID-19.

Starting the interview decked out in a pair of disposable gloves, shouting “ta-da!” to interviewer McEwing, Simmons starts off by saying that the pandemic has caused him to “never been so clean” as he’s “usually a slob”, before raising a black facial mask, as well, letting another “ta-da!” slip.

Continuing on, he notes that the news that he’s been reading is simply “horrific” and that we’re in a “crazy time” noting that he’s “so grateful to everybody out there who risks their lives” for us.

Simmons then gets to rambling about how people aren’t following the shelter-in-place orders, with pastors of churches asking their congregations to still gather regardless of regulations that are in place, stating that “[God] can still hear you just fine if you stay at home”.

Soon after, McEwing asks Simmons to comment on the current state of the music industry, and how the virus has impacted it. Simmons noted that while we can focus on the big numbers, he argued that more is at stake than just money.

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“We can talk about the big numbers and that means billions of dollars that are lost. The rich and the famous and the good-looking folks who wear silly outfits like this and have silly hair like this… billions of dollars just flushed down the drain. So what?,” he questioned.

“You’re talking about single mothers and families who live from check to check. The people who actually put on these concerts – the security people, the road crews, all that stuff – this is survival. The folks in and around the infrastructure are the people who are suffering the most.”

The esteemed bassist continued by ensuring us that him and Kiss were doing their part, citing: “I just sent a nice big check to the children’s hospital here in L.A. because you not only have children suffering from this horrible thing, there are children who are also fighting cancer.”

In a further comment, Simmons insisted that we have nothing to whine about compared to others who are suffering terrible plights amid everything that’s going on.

“We have nothing to complain about. Stop complaining. I keep saying that all the time –there are some miserable things going on out there; people are losing their lives. We’re in this together – the only way is the lonely way.”

Check out Gene Simmons and Tony McEwing talk COVID-19 on Good Day L.A.:

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