Gene Simmons has spoken on why we can probably expect KISS to be wrapping things up and writing its final chapter. Speaking on KISS’ farewell tour, Simmons told all on 6 ABC Action News and why he wants to make sure that the band finishes out on top.

As reported by Ultimate Guitar, Simmons said, “I was a massive Muhammad Ali fan. He stayed in the ring too long. Go out on top. If you’re gonna go surfing, ride that tsunami – that’s a hundred-foot wave – and then don’t get back out there when there’s a little baby [wave]. Go out on top.”

He went on to speak on his personal health circumstances and how he’s lucky that he’s been able to perform on stage for as long as he has. He said, “I’m 71, although I’m in great shape. The hand doesn’t shake. I never got high or drunk in my life. I never smoked cigarettes, I never did anything of that.”

“So, we’re in great shape and we can’t wait to get out there and do what we do. But there is such a thing as getting off the stage while the getting’s good.”

And for Simmons, it’s about quitting while you’re ahead.

He added, “So, we’re gonna go out on top. I don’t wanna stay on stage too long. You don’t wanna ruin the legacy. So you can go to Las Vegas, play golf at the KISS golf course at the Rio hotel. You can go on the Kiss Kruises… you wanna have some pride in what you do – and don’t wait too long.”

“It’s like picking fruit – pick that fruit when it’s ripe. Don’t wait too long, it’ll get rotten. There’s a point of diminishing returns. This is the right time. And we’re gonna do a hundred and 10 more cities around the world, and then we’re gonna hang up our boots.”

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“But that doesn’t mean there can’t be KISS in other forms. There’s a Netflix movie coming, our four-hour documentary, there’s gonna be a KISS cartoon. It’s gonna be Planet KISS – and by the way, that’s trademarked too – and you’re just all living in it.”

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