Running Touch first appeared on the Australian music scene in 2010 as the founding guitarist of band Ocean Grove and has since developed as a solo artist.

He released his first solo single in 2015, ‘This Is Just To Say’, and his first EP, A Body Slow in 2017. On Friday September 25th, Running Touch has released his single, a version of ‘Signs’ that is stripped back and unlike anything fans have seen yet.

Running Touch has had a very busy few years between creating new music, being awarded Most Performed Dance Work of the Year for his collaboration with Hayden James on ‘Better Together’, and his single, ‘My Hands’ being certified ARIA Gold in Australia.

To find out more about his latest music, the ‘Signs’ music video, his development throughout his music career and how he feels about his recent awards, check out the Q&A below.

Running Touch Press Shot

What is your favourite thing about ‘Signs’ (both the song and video)?
How instrument centric it is. I don’t think I’ve produced something with that little amount synthesis. I love pre choruses, and that’s a favourite of mine, so I’d probably say that!

As for the video. Working with artists and friends who brought it full circle. They’re both influences and friends which is half the reason I wanted to do it… it felt like I was making my own nostalgia.

What can you tell us about the song writing process for your two songs this year, both ‘Signs’ and ‘Meet Me’?
Sure. I finished both in quarantine while moving studios. ‘Meet Me’ I wrote the back off this strung out trance record I was playing around with, the whole concept and format came out in a day or two. Pretty much everything is my Fender Jazz and Japanese Stratocaster.

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All the other mains are Kontakt. I was originally going to mix Meet Me so I ended up spending way too much time mixing it as I went – I shouldn’t have done that. I really enjoyed the process of it all.

‘Signs’ I turned from a dance record into more of an indie piece after the verses willed themselves. Almost everything is either my Japanese Stratocaster or my American professional Stratocaster through my Kemper.

I recorded all the vocals through my Advanced Audio CM800T which I just opened while recording this. The format of this song was a little difficult. I really wanted the pre chorus at the beginning because that was what I wanted to hear.. but it just glided when it came in with the bass… so I just left it.

What do you think is the biggest difference between ‘This Is Just To Say’ from 2015 and the music you are creating in 2020?
I have a lot more experience and knowledge. That’s about it. I’m still influenced and love a lot of the same music, my process is just different. More than anything I would just say I take a lot more care.

Stream Running Touch’s newest single ‘Signs (Stripped):

How have you developed as an artist and performer since 2015?
Just practice and experience. It’s hard to say because it’s so gradual for me.

How did you feel when ‘My Hands’ was certified ARIA Gold in Australia last year, do you think more doors opened because of it?
I think so. I never really thought of the possibility before so when I got it it was definitely a shock.

You won Most Performed Dance Work of the Year at this year’s APRAs for ‘Better Together’. How did you celebrate amid COVID?
I called Hayden when we found out but that’s about it! We were right in the middle of lockdown, the world was in chaos and I was pretty deep in album writing mode so there was very little celebrating. Still so indescribably grateful.

What do you pride yourself most on when you are creating your music?
Probably my willingness to experiment.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The beautiful thing about music is that you can change your life in 4 hours.

Check out the official music video for ‘Signs’ by Running Touch:

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