Sophisticated Dingo just dropped their killer new track ‘What Is Going On?’ meaning that it’s the perfect time for you to get to know this unstoppable duo.

Self-proclaimed trash pop duo Sophisticated Dingo is proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with. From being childhood mates, to rocking as super down-to-earth fellas, this duo has been slinging hit after hit since releasing their debut EP Tastes Just Like The Real Thing in 2018.

Now, amidst a world that’s still in lockdown mode, the pair of friends have just released their latest, and quite fitting single, ‘What Is Going On?’, noting itself as a follow up to their recent track ‘Vultures’.

“What Is Going On?’ is about self-empowerment,” explains guitarist and vocalist Lewis Matte. “It centres around the realisation that another person’s questions and attacks on you as to why you behave or don’t behave a certain way can be used to cover their own insecurities.”

With everything that’s going on, Matte states, “I hope everyone can absorb the world around them, but be mindful to take a step back and reflect on the choices they are making. Hopefully they are true to what they want to work towards, and not merely a reflection of someone else’s control.”

From containing enough ’60s surfer rock influences while combining a splash of garage rock, the new single is enough to get anyone out of the gloomy mood that has shadowed us all, and keen for a bit of a groove in the living room.

With this stellar new single out now, we chatted to vocalist Lewis Matte to get to know Sophisticated Dingo beyond their killer tunes.

Check out ‘What Is Going On?’ by Sophisticated Dingo:


How did your artist name come about?

I woke up one particular morning with a text message from a mate that read, “That sounds pretty cooked”. I found that the previous night I had sent him “Sophisticated Dingo” as a potential band name. It stuck from there and to be honest I really don’t think it is cooked. It is a pretty stupid name though.

How would you describe your music to your grandma?

Oh Grandma, that possum out there looks really dizzy, I think it’s sick. It keeps running around in circles at rapid pace. It seems quite emotionally in touch though and somewhat rattled with what is going on in its life. It just wants to communicate with me. But how? Please don’t put the possum down, Grandma.

Tell us about a few of your tracks; their titles and what they’re about?

‘What Is Going On’: A tune about copping rubbish opinions about how you live your life from someone who doesn’t have an opinion that matters. Live your own way and feel empowered doing so.

‘Vultures’: This one is about walking around on egg shells when you don’t understand why you have to walk around on the eggshells in the first place. There is a small piece of satisfaction in finding your voice to articulate yourself why you don’t like it, if that eventually happens.

‘Head Talk’: A song about having a fight with some friends and the terrible introspection that follows where you dissect everything you did wrong and the absolute worst case outcome that probably won’t happen. It’s probably nowhere near as bad as you think it is.

Check out ‘Vultures’ by Sophisticated Dingo:


What do you love about your hometown?

I love Melbourne for its winter chill. Sure the weather sucks but in my opinion winter fashion is far superior for males than summer appropriate attire.

Career highlight so far?

There’s been plenty I am stoked on but I would say supporting The Gooch Palms means a lot to me. Growing up listening to their music, loving their live shows and being inspired to write my own music because of them led to being genuinely overcome with happiness when we were offered that show. It was a ripping night too.

Fave non-music hobby?

Playing Monopoly. A game rich in strategy when you win but one that you can only lose through a string of bad luck.

Check out ‘Dreaming’ by Sophisticated Dingos:


What’s on your dream rider?

2×4 balsa wood and a liquid nail canister.

Dream music collaboration?

Ice Cube. But we write a terrible ska song.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On the ranch house patio of my ranch farm and family business (bottling and selling ranch sauce). 3 kids by my side that have been fed the rich literature of Sophisticated Dingo and can produce hit worthy songs to aid the continuation of my music career.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman!’ – Shania Twain. Let’s go girls.

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