When a bunch of friends got together for a jam session back in 2017, few could have imagined that this would give birth to the beloved outfit known as Good Lekker.

Having been on the scene for a while now, Wollongong’s Good Lekker have slowly been making a name for themselves thanks to their infectious tunes, stunning live shows, and intense work ethic.

Releasing their debut single back in 2017, the group have recently released their debut EP Samsara. A powerful release that serves as one of the finest releases of 2019, there’s no denying that Good Lekker are on track to be a name you need to know ASAP.

To celebrate their new EP and the release of recent single ‘Pipe Dreams’, we had a chat with Good Lekker drummer Dooley Whitton to learn more about the group and what makes them tick.

Check out ‘Pipe Dreams’ by Good Lekker:

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How did your artist name come about?

I think Gray just somehow knew, or had heard about the Afrikaans word ‘Lekker’- which translates loosely in English to ‘good’ or ‘cool’ and thought placing it after ‘Good’ had a really memorable and original sound to it.

We sat in our jam room repeating the words ‘lekker’, and ‘good lekker’ for a few minutes like a bunch of monkeys, and eventually we all agreed on it

What do you love about your home town?

The culture of The Gong is something I noticed straight away. After moving from inland I noticed how much actually went on! There are bands, artists, musos, events, parties, and plenty more to do in Wollongong which was very new to me!

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I like living with friends too as they become like your family, and makes home home not feel so far away. Also I have to mention the beach. That’s pretty much the whole reason why I moved up!

What’s your biggest career highlight so far?

Definitely releasing the EP after only putting out singles, I am very proud of the band, and those involved for getting the EP out. It’s nice to have a body of work out, opposed to just singles.

Yours and Owls festival in 2018 was up there too – it felt so good to play in our hometown on the Rad Bar Stage, a place which we all have a very soft spot for. Playing in front of friends and new faces is an incredible feeling and really drives me as a musician.

What’s your favourite non-music hobby?

Lately I’ve been hooked on Minecraft, I just started a new world so have been grinding that when not at work! I’m also frothing bikes lately – I’m in the market for a new fixie!

Gray and Josh are mad on surfing and catching waves, Mal loves his skating, Oli loves meeting people and chatting, and Hamo is into drinking beer and hanging out with friends. I think we all share a passion for reading, something that I have only just rekindled.

What’s on your dream rider?

I’ve seriously never thought about this. Being a six-piece we only sometimes luck out and get enough beers to go around, so I guess the dream rider would be a beer tap in an air conditioned green room, with enough seats for us all and a couple toilets; one for Hamo and Gray and one for the rest of us. Plus a bottle of gin to account for Oli.

I guess this being a dream rider, it would be sick to get some food too! Maybe a couple professionals giving massages and back rubs in there to help use loosen up. Aaaaaannnnd probably a Champion ruby pouch or two (can you put that on a rider? Probably a dream one).

What’s your dream music collab?

Again, this is something I have never thought about. It would be pretty cool to time travel and play with/ write with our future selves. Who knows what it’d be like – but would be great to take advice from our future selves!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Man, 10 years is a long time! Hopefully finished uni, haha. I honestly don’t know… that’s quite hard to answer and quite hard to imagine. Currently I’m focusing on finishing up my studies one step at a time, but still trying to grow with Good Lekker and play and write together.

As long as I’m happy, healthy, and surrounded by loved ones I know I’ll be okay. It would be awesome to be playing music with these guys though, and I’m positive the guys feel the same way!

Go to karaoke song?

I don’t do karaoke ever but theres a note somewhere in my phone saying “play ‘Cotton Eye Joe’”, a request I have asked for too many times when I’ve gone out… I don’t even like the song, haha.

Check out ‘Prague’ by Good Lekker:

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