Grey Daze, the band Chester Bennington was in prior to Linkin Park, have shared a new video for ‘B12’.

Somewhat unbelievably, it’s been almost three years since Bennington tragically passed away. Two months prior, his previous band Grey Daze were planning their first show in 20 years — something that the band reckon with in the opening statement to new video ‘B12‘.

“In 2017, Grey Daze decided to reunite and record another album,” the video says. “Two months prior to their first show in 20 years, Chester tragically took his life. After a period of mourning, [we] decided to finish the record in Chester’s memory.”

The video is quite the emotional rollercoaster, as it contains clips and photos of Bennington from throughout his life. As well as Bennington, Korn guitarists Brian “Head” Welch and James “Munky” Shaffer also make appearances.

Speaking about the video, drummer Sean Dowdell says: “In this video, we not only brought his [Bennington’s] lyrics to life, but we also were able to feel his presence as we performed alongside his vocal track.”

‘B12’ is taken from the band’s upcoming album Amends, which finds the original members re-recording the band’s old songs using previously unheard vocal takes from Bennington. Head and Munky, Bush’s Chris Traynor and P.O.D.’s Marcos Curiel have all contributed to the album.

Talking to Amends, Dowdell says: “Everything we’ve done surrounding the upcoming release of Amends has been to honour Chester. The video for ‘B12’ is no exception. We wanted to celebrate all that has been accomplished in seeing Amends, a release [Bennington] had wanted to bring to life.”

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Last month, Bennington’s son Jaime Bennington carried the torch of his father’s creativity by directing another Grey Daze video for ‘Soul Song‘. Bennington was in Grey Daze from 1992 until 1998, when he went full-time with Linkin Park.

Check out ‘B12’ by Grey Daze: