In a moving statement, Guy Sebastian has detailed the ‘mental torture’ he had to face in the legal battle against former manager Titus Day.  

Guy Sebastian’s bitter legal battle against his former manager Titus Day may have come to an end, but according to the pop-star, the ‘mental torture’ he had to face over the years has left an indelible mark on his psyche. 

Sebastian – who was recently a judge on The Voice Australiasued his manager for embezzling his royalties and performance fees over the years. Sebastian claimed Titus Day had fleeced close to $620,000 from him during the time they were associated. The pair had a falling out in 2017, following which Sebastian discovered proof of Day’s crimes. 

In a statement released shortly after Day’s sentencing, Sebastian said: “It’s difficult to sum up the impact that Titus Day’s crimes have had. Obviously, I’ve personally been traumatised by this ordeal, but it has impacted so many others beyond myself.” 

He went on to detail how the years of trying to bring Day to justice have had a ‘horrific’ toll on his family. “From the time I discovered missing money almost five years ago, what he has put me and my family through has been horrific. The financial toll is one thing, but the mental torture that we have had to endure to achieve justice pushed me and my wife to the edge.” he said. 

Throughout the case, Sebastian recalled how his efforts to recover his money or look into its whereabouts were met with hostility, ‘threats and lies’. “I was told if I pursue this, that my reputation would be ruined, my family would be ruined.”

According to Sebastian, Day also planted negative stories about him in the media as well as to industry peers, which the singer claims harmed his career exponentially. In addition to the financial constraints, the emotional and mental toll drove the singer to seek help. 

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“The psychological impact of this fight for justice has driven me to the point of complete depression,” Sebastian said.

“I have sought therapy to deal with the broken trust, the deception, the betrayal and financial loss. I have been at the darkest points in my life during this process.” he said, before adding: “This man has put me, my family and those around me through hell.” 

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