VB Hard Yards gives emerging Aussie bands the chance to tour the East Coast of Australia with some yet-to-be-announced big name Aussie music headline acts.

Doing the hard yards is tough for all creatives, but being in a band is tough. It means an actual lifetime of childhood lessons, spending money on CDs and records, playing small gigs for next to nothing, or free, sending your demos to disinterested radio stations and music journalists, spending all your money on instruments and rehearsal space and cool clothes to wear on stage. This is why I am always in awe of my friends who are musicians – it seems like a thankless task done by those who truly just want to give their musical gifts to others.

So VB Hard Yards is here to offer a helping hand. VB Hard Yards is a touring initiative, with four dates across the East Coast of Australia, where the winning bands will play shows with yet-to-be-announced big name headliners. So sick! Playing multi date tours with larger headline acts can be the instant leg up that takes a band from obscurity to stardom.

VB Hard Yards gives emerging bands chance to tour four major Australian cities

How do you enter?

It is SO EASY. If you’re a band with at least one laid down track, you just need to fill out this form and write about 200 words on how and why you’ve done the hard yards and deserve to go on tour with some serious musos from