Harry Styles’ new ‘Harry’s House’ merch was accidentally emblazoned with Nazi symbolism and now his fans are attacking Jewish people who wanted the symbol removed.

Harry Styles’ merch team for ‘Harry’s House’ put a Nazi symbol that was used to signal “Heil Hitler” in Nazi Germany. When notified of the symbol’s meaning, Style’s team removed the symbol.

Now, Harry Style’s fans are taking to Twitter to call Jewish people who called for the symbol’s removal “chronically online” and “snowflakes.”

This immediately started a Twitter back-and-forth between the two sides. Many were saying that while they understood that the “HH” on Harry’s hats was intended to stand for “Harry’s House,” it should still be removed as it serves as a dog whistle for a much more insidious meaning.

“so Harry Styles merch team accidentally released merch that looks like Nazi Propoganda (The HH was used in a similar style by the Nazis to say “Heil Hitler” on their uniforms ect) and so on finding out, tbe merch team changed it. NBD

EXCEPT now the obsessed harry stans are calling Jewish folk “chronically online/snowflakes” for pointing it out and saying that we should just deal with it bc “why should harry have to change his merch”

I’ve had enough”

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Harry Styles Nazi merch hat Harry's House
Image: Twitter

“why are people shocked that harry’s new merch has possible nazi insignia on it as if he doesn’t support israel #HarryStyles


“so you’re telling me there’s official harry styles merch that has a nazi symbol on it..?”

“tmw harry styles fans call jewish people “chronically online” for calling out his merch for having nazi symbols on it”


“why are harry styles fans calling jews chronically online for being upset his merch has a nazi symbol on it?!”

“harry styles performing in front of nazi flags and having merch with a nazi acronym… i don’t like this!”

“y’all lol i’m not calling him a nazi but i am calling his team stupid for missing these things that could have easily been caught”

“the amount of harry styles fans i’ve seen calling jewish people ‘chronically online’ for saying that he is selling a nazi dogwhistle like”

“it upsets me sm they’re all saying “it obviously means harry’s house!!” like the whole point of a dogwhistle is that you can say it means something else  i wish they would educate themselves instead of defending him”


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