For all my bitches who have sent their Spotify algorithms into a tizzy by ebb and flowing between Bladee, Mastodon and Phoebe Bridgers this is for you. Hearteyes has dropped a cover of Garbage classic ‘When I Grow Up’.

Hearteyes — the alias of Sydney producer/songwriter/boygenius Maurice Santiago— might just be the busiest musician in Australia. In the past year, the producer has dropped two equally sublime mixtapes, Joyride the Stars and even headbangers get the blues. 

Prior to the Hearteyes project, Santiago performed house music under George Michelle and cut his teeth as a former member of post-punk act Death Bells. An eclectic music trajectory that has culminated in arguably his most far-reaching project yet, Hearteyes.

On July 24th, Santiago will release Rock Album — the first LP in the Hearteyes canon. A record set to reflect the musicians metamorphosis from producer to artist.

“I’m continuing to perpetuate the notion that genre is redundant going forward – hence the title ‘Rock Album’ being tongue-in-cheek, rather than matter of fact,” Hearteyes says of the record. “The sound is more concentrated and focussed, and lends itself to ‘rock music’ but there will always be my standard tropes of lofi, leftfield and off-kilter production that subverts typical conventions of rock music/indie. If I can get people arguing “this isn’t rock music”, I’ve done my job.”

The first single off the record, ‘Drunk on the Roof’, dropped last month. A dazzling, yen-inducing pop cut. Now, we have a second Rock Album offering with Hearteyes take on Garbage’s 1998 angst anthem, ‘When I Grow Up’.

Where Shirley Manson’s classic brims with feelings of glorious teenage indignance and unfettered rage. Hearteyes’ heart-rending take evokes a strange, unidentifiable but kind of beautiful sadness. It has the wistful, eerie quality of visiting a place you once knew but don’t anymore, where everything is familiar but nothing feels right.

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Check out ‘When I Grow Up’ (Garbage Cover) by Hearteyes:

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