We all remember where we were when Obama tearfully took to the podium for the final time during his important eight-year presidency, looked into the audience and delivered a heartfelt rendition of Korn’s ‘Freak On A Leash’.

What, you don’t recall that? Well, as you may have guessed, it didn’t happen.

What did happen was that, in late 2015, Obama was presenting a Medal Of Honour to an army officer, and recounted a story in which the officer awoke from a coma in a German hospital, and — still dazed — saw Jonathan Davis from Korn sitting at his bedside, and assumed he was hallucinating.

“Today, Flo, I want to assure you you are not hallucinating. You are actually in the White House. Those cameras are on. I am not the lead singer from Korn”, Obama quipped.

It was a mighty moment, mainly because Obama name-checked Korn, but also because it inspired the below video.

Enjoy! And if you’ve already seen it, be sure to tell a bunch of strangers in the comments about how you already saw it.