Melbourne hardcore crew High Tension have just unleashed their badass music video for new single ‘Bully’, taken from their album of the same set for release this Friday, 10th July. The video, frontwoman Karina Utomo says, is a tribute to women who are “tough as shit”.

“The intention is to execute a powerful video with only women, create a sense of empowerment without being blatantly literal/typical — this video is not about riding the ‘feminism’ wave, it’s much, much deeper than that,” Karina recently told The Music.

Karina explained that the video is about “conquering fear relating to the feminine struggle” and that the imagery, which includes an all-female fight club, related to her personal experiences coming up in the heavily male-dominated hardcore scene.

“Traditionally the hardcore/metal scene is very much a ‘boys club’ without meaning to be,” Karina said, “on the contrary I have always felt welcome & safe at hardcore/metal shows.”

“My personal struggle in attempting to be in a heavy band was about conquering my own personal fears: physiological (physical strength and ability) and to be honest, I was afraid that as a female, I would not be taken seriously,” she continued.

“I feel as though that I am not alone in feeling this way; during the King Parrot tour we have seen more women come to these shows, and more young women who are keen as shit to play in hardcore bands, asking for advice on ‘how long does it take to learn to sing like that?’ etc.”

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Karina added that the ultimate goal of the clip is to change views of women in traditionally male-dominated fields. “The goal of the video is about conquering that fear, conquering ‘bullies’, including our own personal bully,” she said.

“We want to show that women are strong, powerful and tough as shit despite any physiological and psychological limitations.” Check out the ‘Bully’ music video below, directed by the group’s talented bassist, Matt Weston.