The past weekend saw Festival Of The Sun held at Port Macquarie celebrate its 10th birthday in ultimate style, with sets from the likes of Violent Soho, Shihad, The Jezabels, Dune Rats, Allday and many more Aussie legends.

We had a chat with some of the performing artists who were only too excited to detail their highs, lows and most importantly their “who killed it” moment of the rad festival. We gotta warn you before you read on, you’re definitely going to suffer a serious case of FOMO.

The Cairos – Alistar Richardson

Highs: Being on the bill with Dune Rats meant the highs were fairly contagious and self-explanatory.

Lows: After dominating the ping-pong table for 2 days, losing the final ultimate supremacy match was hard to take. There shall be vengeance!

Who Killed It: All the bands were killer and played amazing sets. Violent Soho, Karl S. Williams, Dune Rats, Shiraz (Shihad auto-correction) The Jezabels. All amazing!

The Stiffys – Jason Leigh

Highs: Probably during our set when a guy drank a whole beer while boogie boarding on the crowd then this other guy did a handstand on the boogie board then all these girls rushed the stage and were kissing us while we were trying to play our instruments and were like oh no this gift we have with the ladies it is both a blessing and a curse.

Lows: Probably losing our sunglasses and drinks in the circle pit to shihad jason was doing all these great jokes throwing all this sand down his pants and adam was doing heaps of pushups in the pit until everybody jumped on him and then everybody did shoeys and woke up without sunglasses or anything.

Who Killed It: Shihad and Dune Rats both had great rock and roll dancing moves so did Violent Soho also we saw this guy who was making a wizard stick and he was pretty strapped in to have a terrific time we’ve never had a bad time when we’ve done wizard sticks I don’t think actually I can’t remember.

Jackie Onassis – Raph Dixon

Highs: Me on Friday night

Lows: Me on Sunday Morning

Who Killed It: Allday smashed it. Dune Rats were raucous, the perfect band to have an on stage wedding proposal during: “She said YES cunt”

to have an on stage wedding proposal during: “She said YES cunt”

Karl S Williams 

Highs: Well, a personal high was getting up to play on the acoustic stage after Shihad. The crowd were so energised by their (incredible) performance and it was a nice feeling just to bathe in the afterglow. I elected to start acapella as I figured it’s about the furthest thing from their wall of sound. I think it worked!

Also, galaxy hops. They were used to make the delightful ale that was provided to us. I’m led to believe that they are a Tasmanian variety and may I say they make a delicious beverage indeed.

Lows: It’s hard to find a low, perhaps simply that like all good things, it comes to an end. At which point you are carried by a sea of humanity, through a somewhat frightening encampment and out into the wide streets of Port Macquarie in search of late night dining options. Always perilous.

Who Killed It: Steve Smyth is always a wonderful performer and I think he really incited folks to the next level. It was impressive to see him lean down from the stage and sing without a mic in a great big open space like that. Plus he was rejoined for this show by Brock Fitzgerald who is an absolute animal on the drums.

Side notes, The Stiffys always win in the costume department and Dune Rats in the “most inflatable objects and general mayhem”- I was backstage changing a guitar string when they invited folks to throw things at the stage, a can of beer nearly landed on me. Such is life.

Goons of Doom: Ozzie Wrong

Highs: The low key rootsy beach camping festival vibe mixed with the genuine happiness and enthusiasm made it an absolute pleasure to be a part of, the fact that the sun shone and the blue sky turned up just as we started was pretty thrilling, definitely a night we will never forget, Especially because our drummer Cowboy proposed to his sweetheart Kristie that morning, thanks for having us Festival of the Sun

Lows: Well the lows were the sad state that some campers left the campsite in on their departure.

Who killed it: Steve Smyth totally killed it. He sounded awesome, he has an amazing voice, songs, the craziest most awesome drummer ever in Brock Fitzgerald and is just one top bloke to hang out and have beers with!

The Lazys

Highs: Playing to a killer crowd, meeting so many great bands, watching Shihad side stage, having a chaotic water fight and hanging with great mates!

Lows: The hang over!

Who Killed It: We did haha so did Shihad, Dune Rats, Tim Chaisson and Scott Mesiti (co-director for FOTSUN) for the wonderful offer he has already made us for next year ;-)

Sons of the East

Highs: When we were jamming in the campsite late at night, Jack grabbed a miniature guitar (ukulele) and ripped out an egregious face melter that could rival Angus Young. Seeing as Jack sucks at soloing he’s never been more stoked in his life.

Lows: The fact that it only rained during the first set of Saturday. Aka our set.

Who Killed It: Tropical Zombie and The Jezebels were a couple of standouts.