Australian indie rock outfit, Holy Holy are pumped to officially release the music video for their new single, ‘How You Been’.

With the track being released midway through April, it saw Tim Carroll and Oscar Dawson lean into their natural talents as storytellers, exploring life’s complexities through the lens of a broken heart.

On the song, Carroll said, “It has a lot of the hallmarks of what we do. At the core of it, it’s a classic Holy Holy song in the sense that there’s real storytelling. Then there’s Oscar’s emotive chord progressions that subtly influence the way you feel. They feed into the lyrics. You don’t realise why, but you’re listening to the song and certain emotions come up.”

The single’s video accompaniment is a collaboration between long-time friend and acclaimed director, Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. It’s also located in the breathtakingly picturesque landscape of Tasmania’s Spring Bay Mill.

On creating the video, Claudia said, “For a clip like this to come to fruition, a one shot performance, my job becomes part director and part comrade. I am a big fan of Tim’s, both on and off the stage. His love of dance is contagious. To me it’s important to encourage men to dance and feel free to express themselves through movement. I want to encourage that in all its myriad forms.”

And Tim added, “Claudia and I are old friends and we’ve been cooking up an idea of a dancing clip for a while. I really enjoyed the process of making this video. Claudia was amazing in encouraging me to commit to the performance.” He continued, “I had to allow myself to let go and not worry too much about what I looked like. I wanted the performance to represent a kind of loose freedom, which relates to some of the themes in the song.”

In other amazing news, Holy Holy’s Melbourne tour dates at The Forum have now been upgraded to standing capacity, so right now there’s a handful of tickets up for grabs.

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Check out the brand new video for ‘How You Been’ by Holy Holy.