Brisbane singer-songwriter Hope D has unveiled her latest single, the punchy, indie-rock gem ‘Happy Hangover.’

Hope D co-wrote the track with her friend, fellow indie legend G Flip. “The song is about fully tripping out and having experiences that will later become nostalgic,” explains Hope.

“The lyrics aren’t meant to make too much sense, just like the conversations you have when you aren’t really on earth on a night like that. Yet they always come back to questioning “if this is really happening?”, because you’re having a great time.”

It’s a familiar feeling that I’m sure we’re all yearning for during lockdown. The kind of trippy devastation that comes with realising you’re about to witness the sun rise.

Hope D has announced that they will be playing a bunch of shows in Queensland to celebrate the release of the single. The tour will kick off on Friday, October 29th at The Tivoli in Brisbane, before heading to Solbar on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday, October 30th and Miami Markette on the Gold Coast on Sunday, October 31st.

To celebrate the release of ‘Happy Hangover,’ we asked Hope D about the top 5 foods they lean on to shake the hangover blues. So pop on the track below and see what they had to say.

Guzman y Gomez breakfast burrito

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During COVID, these things were $6.50. So naturally, I would order 3 at a time — one of each flavor. It would make the hangover worse to be honest because then I would be insanely full of last night’s beer as well as burrito goodness. I would basically become a burrito. Nap it off, you’ll be okay.

Frozen cokes

Mentally helps with the dehydration of a hangover. Obviously, water and Berocca are what you really need, but that cold Cola is genuinely a godsend most mornings.


I cannot stress this enough… any sandwich! It’s the kebab of the day. Believe it or not, I love salad, it makes me feel healthy, so it tricks my body into thinking that I didn’t actually ride myself off last night. It’s genius. Sandwiches with that green stuff in it. It’s the best. You’re welcome.


I don’t eat them as much as I should (lol) but I really have to get into this one. Soaks up all of last night’s sins, and they’re delicious. Reminds me of being a child again. A hangover-less child.

Bloody Mary’s

My mouth is literally watering just typing about the soupy drink. A very acquired taste, I know. Pretty adult of me tbh but god these make me feel so much better. Or they just keep me drunk, so I can’t tell. But I like that.

Hope D ‘Happy Hangover’ Tour 
Tickets and info HERE

Friday 29th October – The Tivoli, Brisbane, QLD with Melaleuca & Rose Rogers
Saturday 30th October – Solbar, Sunshine Coast, QLD  with Melaleuca & KARLOU
Sunday 31st October – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD with Melaleuca & Rose Rogers